Visual Arts with STEM

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Imaging Partnership is a pioneering vision learning and development company, offering programs and resources that explicitly grow skills in emerging industries and technologies, based on our educational expertise within the subjects of imaging and optics. One of the key benefits of integrating visual arts into STEM subjects is that all learning becomes multi-sensory and thus far more likely to become part of a pupil’s long-term memory. Such an approach has an enormous impact, by moving pupils towards enhanced critical thinking and spatial intelligence, reimagining the world and exploring every new concept they are taught in school.

What we do

We help students see the potential in all aspects within Emerging Technologies and Industries.

Individualized Curriculum

Students are guided through an individualized curriculum by their own personal A.I Teaching Assistant, thereby creating greater emphasis on individualized learning.

Industry Solutions

Our programmes are designed for pupils to engage with industries of the future. Our primary objectives are to personalise the learning process and to customise content delivery for individual student’s interests and abilities.

Our clients

We are proud of our partnerships with schools and educational institutions. See what we are doing across the UK

About Us

Imaging Partnership Education is a leader in visual arts based education resources and learning programmes

Education Divisions

We are offering a wide range of programmes, all delivered by our qualified practitioners.

Individualised Education

Our individualised education division focuses on applied learning within STEM subjects.


Imaging Partnership Education International is a pioneering Vision Learning and Development company

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What our students say

See feedback from students and hear how working with IP has made a difference.

Interviews with our founder

Interviews with IP founder Tom Doyle with Paul Collins from The Bridge radio.

June 2016

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Interview 2 (00:15:28)

July 2016

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Interview 2  (00:20:52)

December 2016

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December 2017

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