Actualise Learning

Introduction to Actualise Learning

Our feeling is that education is too general and very little caters to individual children. Resources are limited and teachers are under constant pressure. As we all know, children are all so very different and very often that gets side-lined as they follow the curriculum, which is mostly a ‘one size fits all’ approach. There are many aspects that children need which are not covered in day to day school life.

In finding out about the individual child and tailoring their learning needs, our approach depends on pupil’s individual skills, likes, desires and life challenges.

Our objective is to provide a system to learners to potentialise their learning. 

Many children benefit from an individual approach which is absolutely vital to their mental wellbeing. Parents and children can therefore plan around an individualised scheme of work, to be able to reinforce what teachers are providing in school life. It’s a value add for improving, strengthening and adding to the educational process for teachers and to maximize the potential of learning.

Supported by research within cognition and memory, our resources and services enhance the learning process within existing skills of pupils, aged from 7 – 18 years old.

The ultimate aim of our products sees pupils across all levels of education being guided through an individualised curriculum based on their levels of success, work that still needs to be covered and on their interests. This places greater emphasis on individualised learning, recognising that every pupil is different with a potential for a flipped classroom, the teacher acting as a facilitator, so that every child in a class is working on something different, be it a single subject or a cross curricular project.

Our resources follow the guidelines of:

  • Intellectual and emotional growth
  • Strong home / school communication

·        Developing other life skills beyond curriculum knowledge

·        Understanding different study methodologies

·        Not being an extension of the school framework

·        Strengthening; soft skills, self-awareness, stress management

Our resources also:

o   Act as a profiling tool

o   Gather evidence of skills acquisition in; KS 1, 2 and EYFS

o   Address pupil learning gaps

o   Progress pupil timelines

o   Encourage teacher-parent dialogue

o   Provide a progress overview at parents evenings

o   Provide a gap analysis, direct to parents

o   Provide career related learning