Case studies

Llanishen High School, Cardiff, Wales

Vantage Education practitioner Tim Collins worked alongside a group of students aged 7 to 11 and their parents during a one day neuroscience workshop at the The Ear Foundation, Nottingham.

The Ear Foundation bridges the gap between clinic-based services, where today’s exciting hearing technologies, such as cochlear implants & bone conducting hearing implants are fitted, and home, school and work where they are used in daily life.

All deaf children, young people and adults have the opportunity to hear, communicate and develop spoken language using the latest technological interventions including hearing aids, cochlear implants, bone conducting hearing implants and assistive devices such as FM Systems.

The neuro education workshop with Vantage Education was organised to support the Foundation’s family programme: ‘Connect & Communicate’ where parents would be working their children on a range of mindfulness and self-esteem initiatives together.

Tim said – “The workshop was huge success for everyone involved. I was made very welcome by Lorna Lord, the Director of Education and her team. We were supported by a willing group of volunteers who all deserve much credit for the wonderful results of the day and the wellbeing and safety of all involved.

“The students and their parents really got into the spirit of the day which was all about undertaking a range of bitesize practicals on esteem, problem solving and moral development”.

“The students really delved into their creativity and some produced really outstanding work. I did have to speak slowly for the inclusion of a signing volunteer and we had designed the workshop plan to meet the needs of students with limited or no hearing. It was a fantastic experience and I look forward to a further opportunity of working with the great community at The Ear Foundation.”

After the sessions had taken place, Vantage Education provided the essential foresight research on the context of widening the focus on stress management, problem solving, psychological health and wellbeing and learning and memory. This provided up to the minute market intelligence and vital information to support forward planning and opportunities for the foundations focus.


Pencae Primary School, North Wales

 Vantage Education worked with students aged 9 to 10, organised by the Sports Partnership, to produce an awareness around stress and anxiety exhibition set piece. The students – all nominated ‘gifted and talented’ – created a short video over a six week period.

The exhibition featured the focus on: ‘Positive Feelings About Life’, ‘Our Behaviours’ and ‘Our Identity’ to coordinate the PSHE topics that were undertaken at nearby schools.

The students conducted their own research, learned about the new knowledge into a visual art presentation with the support of Vantage Education.

As an outcome of the work we achieved with the partnership, students were building on their learning and translating it into self-led set of social action campaigns and increased parent engagement, which has been shown to increase school attendance.


Gowerton Primary School, Swansea, Wales

‘Values’ and ‘Our Quality of Character’ was the focus of a series of afterschool workshops which not only enhanced skills and confidence, it supported the councils commitment to becoming an Arts Award accredited centre with the local cluster of primary schools.

Eighteen students aged 9 to 11 enrolled on the practical and fun sessions with our practitioner, which included: ‘Social Perceptions’, ‘Mindfulness’, ‘Productivity’ and ‘Pity and Compassion’.

Students took great pride in creating a set of large images to be considered for the Silver Arts Award awarded by the Arts Council. The group also worked together to produce a 2015 calendar for the school to sold to friends and family. The money generated by the sales will be spent on purchasing PSHE supplies for the school – thereby creating a virtuous circle of creativity to benefit everyone!

Students delivered a set of presentations to members of the public, via the council speaker platform, over three consecutive weekends. Additional students delivered separate talks, workshops, training and consultations to senior members of the council also.


Newbattle High School, Dalkeith, Edinburgh, Scotland

Vantage Education was invited to work with a group of eighteen students, aged 19, to produce a series of promotional videos to reveal the life and times at the university, through the prism of subjects within: ‘Affective Thinking’, ‘Anger’ and ‘Anxiety and Depression’.

The videos were designed and created as part of a series of twilight sessions focussed on: ‘Building Awareness’, ‘Conscious and Emotions’ and ‘Peer Pressure’ to showcase the lifestyle of international students at the school. The resulting videos are used as case studies to promote the University to prospective international students.

Engagement between universities is increasing a key part of our work. We are proactively connecting students from different schools to help young people enhance their life skills and mental and emotional wellbeing.

We can also provide a University connections service. This would be for schools or learning institutions that wish to connect with other schools around the world to share learning experience and to exchange Neuroeducation ideas.

Our school learning exchange is a great way to bring Vantage Education education to life for young learners, and the benefits of collaborating on joint projects with international schools are wide-reaching.

For students, partnerships can help develop their core skills and an appreciation for cultural diversity; and for teachers, international collaboration is a useful way of growing professionally and sharing knowledge and teaching best practice with an international audience.

Schools can access shared resources, including our Partnerships Toolkit, to help you sustain and build upon your school projects.


Riverside Primary School, Stirling, Scotland

Vantage Education worked with young adults to provide a highly specialised series of workshops to students who wanted to explore environmental housing and how the effects of socio economic conditions affected the mental health and emotional wellbeing of individuals.

Students worked together in small teams of between three to five and provided very interesting solutions for promoting integration of communities together with a system for efficient road use and low cost public transport systems.


Hill Park Secondary School, Glasgow, Scotland

Art and music create a harmonious success. A collaboration between art and music students, resulted in giant photographic panels which inspired music students to create an accompanying soundtrack.

The project was initially taken art students aged 15 and 16. Vantage Education was invited into several schools, via the alliance with a media company, in order to work with the students to learn ‘phototherapy’ techniques to help create harmony, mindfulness and empathy for students suffering from anxiety.

Synchronous learning refers to a learning event in which a group of students are engaging in learning at the same time. Vantage Education can arrange custom experiences for collaborating with educational institutions (either local or international) on simultaneous projects to enable a sharing of ideas and improvement around subjects that are intangible and can often be complex.


St. Patrick’s College, Dungannon, Northern Ireland

Vantage Education was invited to work with a group of 15 – 16 year olds to focus on the role of citizenship, through neuroeducation.

Over the seven week workshop series, students undertook a series of role play therapy sessions, integrating ‘Building Awareness’ and ‘Controlling Our Behaviour’

To explore citizenship, students were encouraged to look at their lives and the world around them through the lens of a camera. The idea was to use their creative voice to help them make their own decisions and to take responsibility for their own lives and their communities.

Citizenship is the only subject in the national curriculum that teaches about the way democracy, politics, the economy and the law work and again, this area was explored by looking at relevant photography and visual footage.

Students looked at their own lives, families and friendship groups and took photographs that demonstrated how they can make a difference by being a contributing citizen.

The workshop series resulted in a wide body of work which can be viewed around the school.

As a part of our programmes, we are connecting classrooms, both in the UK and internationally, to work together on a joined project. These two school work collaboratively on one project. This helps to see how other schools work and encourages collaborative cohesion. These projects usually last 12-36 weeks, depending on the agreement.


St. Matthew’s Primary School, Limavady, Northern Ireland

Vantage Education delivered a series of six workshops called ‘Picture this in Science’. The aim of this series is to support pupils with their science work in the curriculum.

A group of 12 students immersed themselves into science using photography as a vehicle for learning in a highly creative way. Over the six workshops, students covered Changing State, Earth, Sun, Moon, Electricity, Food Chains, Forces, Friction, Solids, Liquids and Gases, Growing Plants, Keeping Healthy, Light and Dark, Magnets, Plants and Animals, Rocks and Soils, and Variation.

Vantage Education used photography and visual media to bring these topics to life in a fun and engaging way. Visual media is assessable to a wide range of students and allows them to express themselves at a level that suits their personal abilities.

Pupils were encouraged to develop their own ideas to produce a final piece of work. Vantage Education aims to encourage positive behaviour and involvement within the workshops to achieve a higher standard of work, while also giving pupils one-on-one assistance where needed and encouraging asking for help when it is required.

Peer tutoring includes a range of approaches in which learners work in pairs or small groups to provide each other with explicit teaching support, such as:

  • Cross-age tutoring, in which an older learner takes the tutoring role and is paired with a younger tutee or tutees;
  • Peer assisted learning, which is a structured approach for mathematics and reading with sessions of 25 –35 minutes two or three times a week; and
  • Reciprocal peer tutoring, in which learners alternate between the role of tutor and tutee.

Benefits to this include:

  • Targeted reading aloud and book discussion with young children;
  • Explicitly extending pupils’ spoken vocabulary;
  • The use of structured questioning to develop reading comprehension; and
  • The use of purposeful, curriculum-focused, dialogue and interaction.


Ballyhackett Primary School, Northern Ireland

A group of students focused on their local environment to create a gallery of photographs worthy of a glossy coffee table book.

Aged 8-11, the students took part in a series of semiotics workshops delivered by Vantage Education. Learning a range of communications skills and techniques was the main objective for the enthusiastic students. The workshops also provided the platform for a commercial venture. Each panel, once printed, were to be sold in local shops. The profits will go to the local council bursary to be reinvested into learning materials for deprived pupils.

Our virtual classroom is an online classroom that allows participants to communicate with one another, view presentations or videos, interact with other participants, and engage with resources in work groups.

Often schools like opt for a virtual classroom, allowing both learners and instructors around the world to participate in live classes to collaborate and interact.

Online classes also allow for the ability to record classes as they happen, including any presentation audio and visuals. This means that the content is accessible even after being delivered, an added benefit for those who want a quick refresher, or perhaps did not fully understand the first time.


Loreto Grammar School, Omagh, Northern Ireland

A group of Key Stage 2 students enjoyed a series of after school photography workshops. In addition to learning a wealth of new skills, all the work produced with the support of Vantage Education contributed to the SAPCA becoming an Arts Award Accreditation Centre.

Vantage Education is an accredited supporter of Arts Awards issued by The Arts Council. Arts Awards inspire young people to grow their arts and leadership talents and they are creative, valuable and accessible through mental wellbeing.

Our flipped classroom option is available for schools as an instructional strategy and a type of blended learning which reverses the traditional learning environment by delivering instructional content, often online, outside of the classroom.

Flipped classroom moves activities, including those that may have traditionally been considered homework, into the classroom. Pupils carry out research at home and engage in concepts in the classroom, with the guidance of a mentor.

Our services focuses on higher-order thinking skills, such as problem-finding, collaboration, design and problem solving as students tackle difficult challenges, work in groups, research, and construct knowledge with the help of their teacher and peers.


Burkina Faso, Africa – Outreach Project

This is our 3rd trip, having been previously in 2015 and 2017 as part of the ‘Kodeni School’ Project.

During the two previous trips, we helped build a new primary school (2x three classrooms) for 300 children. The school currently has just over 200 children attending, with an intake 50x new children each September.

During our visit this time in 2019 (15th – 26th February 2019), we assisted in building a school hall / community centre on the same site. The children are taught in French, but this is not their native language – there are many different local languages in the rural villages.

The school receives no government funding and is solely funded by foreign sponsors, which are many from the UK, by individual groups and school fund raising/sponsorship initiatives.

There are a number of school teachers in the UK team and they have helped supply much of the teaching resources. We also take out other aid including: basic medical supplies, clothing, footwear and spectacles.