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The collaboration between educators and scientists has taken the form of an emerging discipline known as emerging technologies. This developing field blends the collective specialties of nanotechnology, engineering, aerospace, cognitive science, and education to improve teaching methods and curricula. Understanding how STEM fields can inform education strategies and finding out what teachers want and need to know about the ways students learn, are two key drivers behind the STEM initiative.
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Vantage Education aims to see the best academic research as the foundation for evidence-based practice in the classrooms.

How we work

Vantage Education works to advance collaborative educational programs that address the development, application and implications of emerging technologies.

Why STEM and Emerging Technologies

As an organisation, we collaborate with leading academic expertise, combined with our company’s technical skills, market knowledge and networks, to be the foundation for real impact in education. Working in collaboration with leading engineering, technology and science experts, we utilise the best academic research as the foundation for evidence-based practice in the classroom. More information...


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